Lincoln Electric Power Steering Pump Conversion Kit, Version 2.5


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*** Version 2.5 ***

Version 2.5 of our Electric Power Steering Pump Conversion kit now includes a two piece power steering pressure line.  This two piece unit will allow for easier installation on 1961-1965 cars, and super easy installation on 1966-1969 as you can reuse the line that already is connected to your steering gear box, no need to remove any lines from the actual steering gearbox.  1966-1969 will not receive the shorter line that connects to the power steering gearbox as it is not needed for installation now.

Full kit includes a Stand Alone ECU for full Pump Control via your phone/tablet or PC.  The ECU comes pre-programmed by us out of the box.  No longer do you rely on running the pump in “Limp Mode”.  Details on how to connect to change settings are provided in our updated install guide that comes with every kit.  Carl’s Customs Designed Block off Plate and Spacer so you can completely eliminate the need to gut and keep your old power steering pump on the engine.  We also developed are add-on spacer to support the late 68-69 Lincolns with the 460 Engine.  This upgrade is optional for those who either want a clean look or want to keep their PS Pump intact on a shelf for any reason.  We also now provide a new Timing Cover Seal with every kit.

Early 1968 Means you have the MEL 462 Engine

Late 1968 Means you have the Ford FE 460 Engine

The kit still includes everything you need to eliminate the leaky and hard to rebuild crank mounted PS pump found on the 1961-1969 Lincoln Continentals.  The kit centers around a good used and tested Volvo Electric Power Steering pump.  There are two versions, one with a remote reservoir and one without.   Inventory on hand will determine which pump you receive in the kit.  Pictures of the two different pump types are in the photos.  We also include the rubber return line you will need, a full wiring harness made of 8awg wire and including a fuse to protect it.  We provided a full ECU wiring harness with simple power and ground hookup.  We also include two powder-coated brackets, one for the pump bracket, and one if you wish to retain your fender mounted vacuum ball(1961-1964 only).  New Timing Cover seal, O-ring and Oil Seal are included along with templates for where to drill access holes and our full printed installation guide.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 13 in

1961-1964, 1965, 1966- Early 1968, Late 1968-1969

Carl's Custom Designed Block Off Plate

No, Yes


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